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Citrine 5 Pendant Light

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Citrine 5 Pendant Light

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Purchasing the Nuevo Citrine 5 Pendant Light in Canada is quick, easy, and stress-free at The Citrine 5 Pendant Light ships FREE, from Canada, within 6-7 business days. We make it easy to keep track of when your order will be delivered with tracking information and updates sent direct to your email at every step! You can find product details and specifications about the Citrine 5 Pendant Light and read customer reviews and feedback on this page. If you have any questions about this product, your order, or another item, our customer care specialists are always here and happy to help! Whether you’re looking for the Citrine 5 Pendant Light, other discontinued by Nuevo, or shopping for another room in your home, has you covered.


Overall Length3.5 in.8.89 cm
Overall Width37.5 in.95.25 cm
Overall Height11 in.27.94 cm


Nuevo is a Canadian company committed to designing, sourcing, and producing high-quality innovative lighting and furniture. Working with the finest stone, steel, and wood, Nuevo continues to seek out new materials and finishing techniques to support and inspire its design process. Nuevo is constantly challenging ideas about what makes up a creative space and how their brand can meet those ideals.

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